Ariyana is an acclaimed bellydancer based in Honolulu.  Her love for the music of Egypt is evident in the joy she brings to her dance, and audiences love her subtle cinematic style. Her dedication to presenting the dance as appropriately as possible has made her a favorite at client events, restaurants, and festivals.

Ariyana is inspired by the Golden Era of Egyptian cinema and dances with the playful sensuality of the dancers featured at the time.  Favoring simplistic musicality when dancing, she focuses on presenting the music and connecting with her audience.

Ariyana began studying Raqs Sharqi in Tokyo and was quickly drawn to performance. She shone at countless gigs and large events, even earning a spot in her teacher’s dance ensemble for a Dina Talaat and Sahar Okasha fashion show. In 2014, she placed 2nd in the Up and Coming category of the Tokyo International Bellydance Competition.

In 2013, Ariyana completed Hadia of Canada’s professional dancer training as well as Hadia’s teacher training. She began teaching in 2017 and approaches her students with a friendly and inviting manner, filling her classes with humor, and never taking herself too seriously.  She believes it is important to know the culture of Egypt to have a better understanding of the movements and gestures used in Raqs Sharqi.  Ariyana cultivates respectful visitors in the dance and emphasizes the need to include cultural understanding, musical theory, and breaking stigmas in one’s dance journey.  She continues to dive deep into learning more about this dance form and the culture it originates from to better present her performances to audiences of all ages.

After having her twins in 2016, she was diagnosed with diastasis recti (stomach separation).  The journey of learning to bellydance with this has inspired her to champion women who have new bodies to acclimate to after childbirth. She demonstrates and teaches that they are still sexy and are worthy of feeling good in their own bodies. She encourages them to revel in the amazing things their bodies have done.  

She currently teaches and performs online from her home in Honolulu.  Ariyana specializes in Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian folklore dance, and Khaleegi dance.

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