How I Practice Bellydance to Improve Quickly

I know it can be challenging to practice dance. Especially if you are a serious hobbyist or looking to become a professional Belly Dancer. In my 14 years of Belly Dancing, one thing has become so blatantly important: YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE! But when you hear that, you might think, “Well, how DO I practice?”Continue reading “How I Practice Bellydance to Improve Quickly”

The Secret to Being a Better Belly Dancer in 2023

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… The one thing that is going to help you grow as a dancer is to have confidence in your dance! I know. It sounds too easy, and it’s even more difficult to obtain. Confidence tends to be an ever elusive dream that a lot ofContinue reading “The Secret to Being a Better Belly Dancer in 2023”