Belly Dance Classes in Honolulu Hawaii


Interested in trying Bellydance? Not sure where to start?

Sign up for the Bellydance for Beginners series! Get 5 videos, total of 30 minutes, that give you 5 moves every beginner dancer should know!

Are you confused about Middle Eastern rhythms? Want to help your musicality?

Get the free 4-video series that focuses on the 4 most common rhythms we hear in music, get movements ideas, plus a fun drill with a short combo.

Take Egyptian Dance classes from the comfort and safety of your home! Ariyana’s virtual bellydance studio is now open with on-demand technique and Bellydance combos classes.

Join now for as little as $14/month!

Ariyana’s Youtube channel with free bellydance tutorials!⬇

Ariyana is currently available ONLINE for private/semi-private belly dance lessons in Hawaii.  Her main focus is Egyptian dance.  Other topics available are Egyptian Bellydance, Melaya Luff, Saidi, Raqs Al Assaya, Khaleegi, Shaabi and Golden Era technique.

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