Frequently Asked Questions in regards to hiring and what to expect from a bellydancer.

1. What should I expect in a Belly Dance performance?     

       A usual set lasts, on average, 20 minutes that includes an Oriental entrance piece with veil, a prop or folkloric number, drum solo, and audience participation using a fun pop song.  Depending on the venue, Assaya (cane) and balancing tray can be incorporated also.

2.  What kind of music do you use?

     Ariyana uses mostly Egyptian classical and modern music.  All songs are carefully chosen for your event.  Her style of dancing is mostly classical Egyptian oriental dance but also includes folkloric and pop styles.

3.  What kind of sound system is required?

     Ariyana will bring her music on CD and iPod.  A professional sound system is best and must be provided by the event coordinator or venue.  A boom box is not ideal but if it is the only system available, please let her know.  

4.  Is Bellydance suitable for children?

     Bellydance is perfect and suitable for children and young adults.  Bellydance, like most dances, takes years to learn and perfect, building muscle control, balance, and grace.  It is not a strip tease or a dance of seduction.  Ariyana is not available for Bachelor parties or all-male events/parties.

5.   Is tipping appropriate during the performance?

     Yes, tipping is appropriate and is additional to the regular show prices.  The best places to tip are in the dancer’s belt or fitted skirt, arm bands, or as a “money shower” (money is thrown around her).  You can also give a tip in an envelope after the performance or electronically through Paypal.

6.  The prices seem pretty high.  Why is that?

Ariyana charges the going rate in the area.  This is ethical practice and she makes sure she is a proper bellydance community member.  This price means you are getting a professional and proper performance from a dancer who continually studies Egyptian dance and refines technique.

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