The Secret to Being a Better Belly Dancer in 2023

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… The one thing that is going to help you grow as a dancer is to have confidence in your dance! I know. It sounds too easy, and it’s even more difficult to obtain. Confidence tends to be an ever elusive dream that a lot ofContinue reading “The Secret to Being a Better Belly Dancer in 2023”

4 Tips For When Your Body Says “No” to Practicing

The pandemic is slowly creeping on as we enter the last half of 2021… Joy of joys (this is sarcasm)! Whether you are a professional dancer or a hobbyist, sometimes your body will say “NO” to practicing. Our minds may be ready and rearing to go but our bodies just can’t. Life, stress, jobs, familyContinue reading “4 Tips For When Your Body Says “No” to Practicing”

Bellydance: Expectation VS Reality

When you hear the word “bellydance”, what comes to mind? Sparkly costumes? Glamour? Fashionable and Sexy? Of course, with anything, there are some expectations that some students have as they begin learning this dance form when the reality is really quite different. Expectation: This Will Be Easy! Reality: It Takes Years to Get it RightContinue reading “Bellydance: Expectation VS Reality”